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Community Keys 4 Needs Inc

Special needs children assistance

As a single parent of 3 special needs children, it has become my passion to build up and empower other families like mine that have been given the special tasks of conquering the daily challenges that stem from having this lifestyle.


I am so excited to share my knowledge and experiences to be able to help others with support, love, and care. Experiencing emotional pain does not make you a bad parent. It is okay to be human and to admit that you really need someone to BE THERE & hold your heart the way you hold everyone else's. You are wonderful just the way you are!

One Team, One Dream

Parenthood doesn't have to be so hard! It doesn't mean that you have to put your dreams, needs, and desires on hold for the sake of others. There is another way! Lets find that together. We are indeed one team, one dream. Live Love Laugh Luminate!


"If no one told you today, you're beautiful, you're loved, you're strong, you're intelligent, you're compassionate. You are one of the most selfless women. You're appreciated! You have so much on your plate any given day, you have circumstances that have been dealt to you that even the strongest probably would have gave up on. You're such a good/positive role model to everyone in some way. You're an amazing mother! May life forever be in your favor, because you deserve it Dani!
- Love Meghan Hood"

"Thank u!! Thank u so very much. You've taught me about what being happy really means. How never to settle for less. How to never give two **** about anything bad. U taught me that life goes on and its just something u have to accept. You taught me how to love and what if feels like to be in love. And then finally, thank u, because u taught me about loss. About despair. What it feels like to lose your whole world and still manage to stay strong. U taught me how strong I have to be.You taught me about life. There will always be ups and downs. So thank u, thank u so very much for the experience. I appreciate u and how proud I am for u being an amazing mother . I'm proud of ur hard work for the special needs.... you're truly blessed!!! YOU'RE MY ANGEL...
- xoxo" Danette Fee